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Against Myself-7.jpg

Solo exhibition | DUPLEX, May 2024


Against Myself-6.jpg

Helmet (against words), 2024
Painted metal, rubber, screws and shoehorn
55x22x28 cm

Against Myself-4.jpg
Against Myself-10.jpg

Lis Flower Teeth, 2024
Painted metal plinth, dried flowers, and teeth
115x22x12 cm

Against Myself-2.jpg

Lingering feelings (discomfort), 2023
Rubber, chromed metal hooks, screws, lacquered iron and aluminium
80x45x10 cm

Death inside out, 2022
Photography on epoxy and nielsen frame
35x57 cm (Ed. 3 + PA)



Never too far from the ground, 2024
Rubber, chromed metal, epoxy, dried flowers and sponge
290x20x90 cm



Crawler, 2024
Rubber, chromed metal, shoehorn and acrylic
58x140x21 cm


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