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Love Letters, 2021
Painted iron and plastic clamps
30x36x7 cm



Pillow Talk, 2021
Acrylic on fabric
Various dimensions (60x70-80 cm)
6 paintings


Can't Sleep, 2021
Painted iron frame, wire, knives and pilates ball
80x60x60 cm


Tired Skin, 2021
Acrylic on fabric
Variable dimensions


Can't Dream, 2021
Painted iron structure, wire, knives, transport strap and pads
70x55x55 cm


I Only Dream When I'm Awake, 2021
Painted iron
Various dimensions
3 pieces


IMG_0818 2.JPG

Unfinished Cycle, 2021
60 cm dia.



Torso, 2021
Cushion, zips and cord


Methodological research is a constant in Susana Rocha's artistic work.
The approach of the series TOO MUCH LIGHT IN THE DARK, is a personal narrative, of sensory metaphors experimented on sleep disturbance, which evoke in the viewer the adage of reflection on the flexibility of thought and action.

There is a battleground without perimeter that precedes the inactivity of the body and mind, which places us in a semi-conscious waking state, in which the spatial characteristics in conjunction with the dream-like activity, contribute to an alteration of the sleeping portico, with the addition of a anxiety overload.
This individual combat, around unresolved and undefined forces, generates unresolved agitation and unrest that coexist between the physical and the sensory scenario – clarity, sheet crease, gap, body posture.

Parallel to the concept addressed by the artist, and as material for thought and reflection, the works overflow a plasticity, which establishes, between the various discomforts and aggressions, a time of battle without unity of measure, in which the dispute is solitary - even in a physical sharing of sleep - and of apparent simplicity, gathering strength to act, if it were not so difficult to find the meaning for the action. It is in this formal issue that Susana Rocha presents the conjugation of solid planes and colors that occupy our pictorial ideal of rest, and the sharp risk of the elements that disturb it, through the experimentation of visual ambiguities and that assist thought.

“Man, in his dignity, returns home to the unanswered”.  

STEINER, George – Heidegger, 1990


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