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Group exhibition | ARTES Porto, March/April, 2023


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Against the odds, 2023
Metal, fabric, strings, hair and knife
190x58x58 cm 

The wind in my hair will not take me there, 2023
Metal, pvc, hair and plastic
156x60x60 cm


As the cinematic passage is unavoidable in a fantasy expedition setting, we face Susana Rocha's poetic slowness in “The wind in my hair will not take me there”. The quarrel between the divine and the ephemeral as in a scene from Win Wenders, in which, in a romantic way, we are mere viewers in anticipation of a movement. Susana Rocha, in her second work “Against the odds”, embodies the incessant human determination machine. The conflict of the meaning of the elements that induce the impetus of leaping into the void and the unavoidable capacity to resist, the comfort of prostration, the pain of the paralysis of time and the origin of reticence."


TEXT: Mercedes Cerón

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