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O Zero e o Um-12.jpg

Group exhibition (exhibition space shared with Teresa Murta) | National Museum for Science and Natural History, November/December 2022


O Zero e o Um-8.jpg

Washing away, 2022
Pink soap, nails and hair
08x20x06 cm


Giving you the needle,, 2022
Pink soap and pins
Variable dimensions

O Zero e o Um-10.jpg

Rational adjustment to an insane world, 2022
Metal structures, fur, pink soap and silicone
15x245x57 cm

O Zero e o Um-6.jpg

What remains..., 2022
Bone and hair
Variable dimensions

String of life, 2022
Fur, silicone and faucet cap
Variable dimensions

Tap, 2022
Hair and faucet caps
Variable dimensions

Braid #1, 2022
Hair, faucet caps and water pipe 
80x20x05 cm

The project, developed in one of the laboratory spaces of the National Museum of Natural History and Science, focuses on the organic/industrial dichotomy, exploring possible transmutations between functional elements and organic materials.

Concepts such as disgust, strangeness, fear... but also curiosity, seduction, empathy, are explored through pieces that refer to the plasticity of the biological universe.

Using the laboratory faucets, a site specific installation was presented through the application of locks of hair, evoking paradoxes and highlighting the transverse nature of this hairy element in the animal kingdom, often synonymous of strength and vitality, but also necessity for cleanliness and care.

On the floor, there is a sculptural piece, "Rational adjustment to an insane world", which due to its sequential composition asserts itself as an industrial structure, but also  a skeletal or fossilized model, cutting the space, and juxtaposing metal, pink soap and hair.

Other small-scale pieces, making use of the same assumptions, punctuate the space, establishing a cohesive dialogue with the particularities of this museum laboratory, and with the paintings of Teresa Murta, with whom the exhibition space was shared.


Susana Rocha

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